Micah and Samantha

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Samantha wanted to play with Micah but Micah wanted to play the Nintendo, so this was their compromise. Looks like everyone is happy.


We had a big party for Grandpa Rich's birthday............


What is a party without a chocolate fountain?   Then we played some Deal Or No Deal to determine how much money he got for his birthday.


Guess who got to be the banker?


After any good party there is always a water fight.

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Micah and Eber come to Coles defense....meanwhile Aaron joins in with his big gun.


            Grandpa against the grandkids.                                 Run Micah, run!


Bring it on!

Now who's in charge?!


Samantha and Mommy just hanging out.

(Picture by Dani; thanks Dani.)



Rain, rain go away....

Micah goes on a wet coaster ride with Eber, Wade, Owen and (not pictured) Aaron.

Micah on the bumper cars at Enchanted Forest.


May 2006

I'm gonna get you!


Samantha tries to go down the stairs but her belly gets her stuck half way down.

May 2006


The morning that Samantha turned 9 months old, she pulled herself up in the crib. This picture is later that same day after her nap when she did it again.

I have more hair then her.     

May 2006



Micah gets ready to make a play at first base.



Go Micah!

Samantha cheers for Micah during his t-ball game.



Swing batter, batter.

Micah goes up to bat.

That was my second best hit!

Micah poses for the camera while on 3rd base.


) Samantha plays with her towel after her bath.



May 2006

I couldn't resist taking some pictures of Samantha with the tulips.



May 2006





Micah proudly shows off the Easter basket he found at Great Grandma and Grandpa Madan's house.   April 2006


Samantha spends MOST of her day EVERY DAY doing her favorite exercise.

Try it, it's not easy!  April 2006



Together Micah, Eber and Owen demonstrated how the Jedi's were fighting Count Dooku.



Samantha 6 months ~ Micah 6 years

(February 2006)




Micah was hit in the face by the ball at Aaron's softball practice. This is the morning after.

(March 2006)


You learn quick young one.

Micah has been teaching Samantha the ways of the force.


Together we shall rule the galaxy.



Play time! (March 2006)



    To Be continued . . . . .



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